Medmar is committed to protecting the environment and ensuring the health and safety of its employees. In addition to the environment and its employees, Medmar also strongly cares about its stakeholders and the communities in which it operates by contributing to their sustainability efforts and engaging them in policy development.

Medmar’s Sustainability Principles are as follows:

  • Ensure full compliance with governmental requirements
  • Work with suppliers who also share a similar sustainability vision and promote Medmar’s sustainability vision across their value chains
  • Reduce water and fuel consumption and CO2 emission by using state of the art technology and avoiding inefficiency
  • Promote reduce, reuse and recycle philosophy. In particular, recycle water and spare parts, such as tires and oil
  • Support reforestation efforts in the wider vicinity with local fauna to ensure long term success and greening of the region
  • Maintain an open door policy for all stakeholders and communities in the region
  • Support local vocational education to develop qualified local work-force
  • Contribute to local environmental, cultural and health initiatives
  • Share what your resources by supporting local authorities in their efforts to respond to natural disasters, fires and health issues.
  • Respect the local communities by minimizing the potential negative impact of mining operations on their day to day lives.

Medmar undertakes continuous internal checks to ensure compliance with its Sustainability Principles. Medmar’s efforts have been recognized by a number of local and regional authorities as well as NGOs, and Medmar is committed to setting exemplary behavior as a world class leading mining company.