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Medmar Marble industry has been established in 2005. The company discovered one of the most efficient and beautiful marble reserves ever found in the world previously. During the last three years the company has become the number one producer and exporter of marble goods in Turkey.

The reason of this success is the combination of the quality of the reserves and Medmar’s customer oriented marketing approach. The company places significant importance and resources on continued research and development in order to reach maximum production efficiency.

Today, Medmar is recognized nationally and internationally for its quality of product, customer service and respect for the environment and its stakeholders.


Medmar’s HQ is in Istanbul where approximately 30 highly trained personnel taking care of the day to day operations regarding management, banking and accounting and export issues. The Company also maintains an office in Mersin where it manages production and sales.

Commercial Development

Medmar believes each of its customers is a partner. Our customers are leaders in their fields and regions. We value our relationships and the success of our customers.

Medmar’s marketing strategy is driven by its philosophy to grow hand in hand with its customers and to nourish existing relationships rather than constantly seek out new buyers.

Social Responsibility

Medmar complies with all the rules and regulations of the government but also goes beyond and creates its own projects in order to preserve Nature at her most beautiful phase. We strive to set and elevate our own environmental and social policy standards by giving back to nature and the communities in which we operate.


Medmar received numerous awards from NGOs, authorities and local communities for its contributions to the national and domestic economy as well as its environment and social performance.